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Soul 2 Soul

Posted on July 17, 2017 at 12:50 PM

I used to fear change so much that I tried to resist it from happening. Through that, I learned the anxiety trying to control things causes a person. In reality, we are never in control. We like to think we can control how things will play out, and that's where most of our unhappiness, stress and anxiety stems from. I believe the sooner you come to realize that you're never in control, you allow the universe to open doors, create paths and bring you solutions to things that seem or feel unattainable.

For me, the greatest challenge was accepting that I can grow and become a greater person, while remaining true to my beliefs and who I really am. We know that pain changes us. Sometimes we try to mask the pain by doing things we can control, like dyeing our hair, changing our music, or moving away. These are things we can control, but there are always going to be outside factors that no matter how much we try, are there. When people tell me I've changed, the answer is no longer of concern or fear of what they think or why they say that. The answer is pretty simple, actually. "I didn't work this hard to stay the same." You're allowed to grow, my dear. You're allowed to grow in all the places people thought you never would. So, smile and embrace all you've become because you've worked too damn hard to stay the same. #journey #soul2soul

Categories: Relationships, Getting Through A Breakup., Coming From The Heart

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