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The power of believing you are being benefited.

Posted on May 16, 2016 at 9:50 PM

I have always been a person who prefers to remain in my comfort zone. I do not like the sense nor the feeling of being out of control. While many I know, thrive with change; I am one to differ. The greatest things I admire in change are things I can have control in such as, nail polish, redecorating, hair style, and penmanship. Things that I choose to do because I want to do them.


Several years ago, I took a public speaking class by force. Something if not required, I would never pursue for it is 1. Outside my comfort zone and 2. Something I do not like to do.


I was so jealous of my professor who gracefully walked across the classroom and spoke so eloquently and charming. He spoke with class and character and everything I wanted to do so that I could become a great speaker.


Each time I was called to speak, I felt a rush of anxiety pass through my body causing an endless load of nerves to shake me.


Sometimes, that’s all it takes to move pass, move with, or move on from a situation. Realizing that in the end, it’ll be the best thing that has happened to you.


I think that if from the beginning we knew that things would work out for our benefit, we wouldn't be so afraid of the changes we endure. Like not getting a job, missing the bus, ending a marriage, etc.


I've become more and more aware that we truly have no control of anything in life, other than our mindset. That is 100% our choice and we have the ability to believe, pursue, and react to circumstances all by changing our thoughts on the situation.


We are capable of the greatest accomplishments in life, yet without the BELIEF in doing so, we’ll never reach the top.


The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; you gotta step up those stairs.


So, how do we do this? We begin by believing that whatever happens, will happen or has happened to us has and will be 100% for our benefit. It is believing that whatever happens to us, will benefit us to the maximum amount possible.


So whenever times are tough, ask yourself,


"How will this benefit me?"


Even when it is difficult to do, find the positive in the uncomfortable situation and just like, you allow the universe to line up positive vibes for you. FIND something to keep you going. Sometimes the things that have made us the most uncomfortable will rebuild us for a greater person to be born.


“You can keep dipping your toes in the pool one at a time, but the water's not going to feel any warmer. So take a deep breath and dive right in. You'll be surprised at how quickly you get used to it.”



Categories: Relationships, Makes You Wonder, Belief

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