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That girl.

Posted on July 29, 2019 at 12:35 PM
I appreciate this girl in this photo so much more today than when I was recovering from it. That’s right. For a long time, I beat her up and punished her for loving too much, giving too much, and most of all, for getting lost. Looking back, I feel a sense of appreciation for this young soul who here is pictured 7 years ago. This girl, she will always be part of me and I’ve learned to accept that. During my healing years, I tried so desperately to box her away, forget her and not realizing I never will. She made me who I am. She taught me lessons no one ever will and that’s the beauty and power of learning to love yourself more. Learning that there’s nothing wrong with putting your needs first and then realizing that by doing that, you’re forced to end chapters with not one, but many, many people. Everything part of this girl ending was heartbreaking for me. I felt like I lost so much with her, but looking back... it is amazing what comes when you let what’s meant to go, go. There is so much more out there for you, my dear. Believe your destiny when the stars tell you to let go. Don’t fight it. Trust it, because when you fight it... you only hurt yourself more and hinder getting to where you need to get sooner. It’s all apart of a grand plan.

Categories: Personal Photos/Diary

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