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Posted on July 11, 2017 at 10:45 PM

I received an email this morning from a follower struggling with "fitting in to society." She told me that she felt like she didn't belong and that she was the odd one in her group of friends. By odd, she meant that she didn't like the same things they did. I asked her why she felt that she had to perceive her uniqueness as a bad thing. Growing up and even sometimes now, I am almost always the only one of my friends sober. Drinking never was for me. Every now and then, I'm asked to drink or asked why I don't. It doesn't bother me to explain why, because I'm ok with my answer. I think accepting who we are is one of the bravest things we do in a world that teaches us to be like everyone else. We're taught to be ourselves from a young age, yet sadly, those same people are often bullied. If you feel at a crossroads to trying to fit in or be yourself, I beg you to choose your happiness first. There is no greater freedom, happiness and peace that comes with finally being at a place in your life where you're ok with who you are. We all have a past, a present and a future. You are not tied to your past and your present moment doesn't have to be you in the future. My advice? Pay attention to your senses and follow your gut. Listen to the fire that burns inside of you when you're in the midst of doing something you love. Listen to that innocence within you that wasn't afraid of being judged. Be you, do you and stay true to YOU...oh, and let your toes touch the sky. ❤️ #beyourself #loveyourself #journey #therapy #writing


Categories: Relationships, Personal Photos/Diary, Nature Inspired

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